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Subject:BlackPlanetNews Random Update!
Time:09:22 am
Comatose Rose#13 - Final Issue?
Yes, dear readers, it's true. AJ Knight, Editor and Publisher of Comatose Rose Magazine has announced that the release of what could be the FINAL issue of Comatose Rose Magazine is scheduled for release on March 2nd.

Issue #13 of Comatose Rose Magazine WILL include an editorial from AJ Knight himself explaining the details as to what is going on with Comatose Rose magazine that will answer any questions that everyone may have.

Also, CR #13 will be a LIMITED EDITION! Only limited to 500 COPIES!!!
Definitely a Collector's Item worth Trying to get your hands on!
This would in theory make Comatose Rose Magazine a peice of Canadian Dark Culture History Memorabillia, much like the limited edition 500 copies of skinny puppy's "Back And Forth". So, If you're conisidering on getting in on what could very well be the Final Issue of Comatose Rose Magazine, This is the one to go for! Get Your Hands on it Before It's Gone! Besides, Could you imagine the Resale Value on such an Item on E-Bay?!
Comatose Rose Magazine, click on the link to order the magazine.

Kinetic Response Music

BPN founder and operator Lone_Angel is proud to announce that he will be aiding and supporting the advancement of Kinetic Response Music. Details into this venture are sketchy at this point, however, we'll be sure to update the masses once official information releases are available. Kinetic Response Music... very worthwhile checking out, as the site offers albums by artists such as Collide, Null Device, Hanzel Und Gretyl, and Suicide Commando! Also, the site also offers Gothic Beauty Magazine!

Kinetic Response Music is also an official Canadian distributor for US-based synthpop label Nilaihah Records, artists featured by Nilaihah Records are The Azoic, Null Device, Fiction 8, Blind Faith And Envy and NamNamBulu, to name a few.

That's all for this update.
This is Black Planet News, reminding all of you as always,
"Keep the lights turned out, and the music turned up"
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Time:02:16 pm
Blackplanet Tour Update?

Well, I think we've been shot down for that official online interview with Ouchy The Clown: Adult Clown Services, which is a pity. We've received no word back from him as of late.
however! good news! we will be re-locating to further east in Canada and start checking out the Eastern Canada Club Scene!!! First stop: ONTARIO.
The Fisrt club that we plan on checking out (and yes, photos will be coming, including photos from The Underground halloween bash that ARE NOT found on either the photogallery forum or the comatose rose site! (how much sweeter can that get?!)
Hopefully those bastards at the photography shop don't botch the development AGAIN. *grumble*.

Anyway, getting off topic there again, the first club we plan on checking out (unless we find another one soon, so INPUT IS APPRECIATED!) will be:
The Red Square. Apparently it's a communist political themed club, so... could be interesting!
We've already been in contact via webforum with Rev. Fester, as well as a few others in that area and look forward to checking it out in due time! two-three weeks pending, with travel and miscelaneous mishaps!

Now, many of you must be asking, well... what of things with the underground? nomore coverage?! true... well, that's what e-mails and social networking are for. more to come.

Inquiries to Vampirefreaks.com

Also, we've begun harrassing the good people at Vampirefreaks to upgrade their payment options to include Paypal.
click here to view our inquiry with vampirefreaks.comCollapse )
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Subject:another random update, of a.... political nature?!
Time:07:32 pm
Bush Not Welcome
We've been granted with spreading the word about the "Bush not Welcome" protest on November 28th, 2004 at the Vimy memorial located in the park beside the Delta Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon, SK. This Is an Anti-Bush protest, not an Anti-american protest.
For those whom are interested in providing input or volunteering time and services to this cause, on Thursday November 25th at 8:30pm a meeting will be held at the University of Saskatoon in classroom 103 of the arts building. Signs will be posted for where to go for this event.

The purpose of this meeting is to brainsorm and assign duties to those willing to help out. There is a very tight deadline for this as the event is soon. Also, the "Bush not welcome" protest is to show the city of Saskatoon's displeasure of the arrival of the president of the United States, George W. Bush to Canada. President Bush will be arriving in Canada on November 30th, 2004 for an official visit. This protest is a chance to voice your opinions and to inform him that he is not welcome in canada.
for further information on this, please contact livejournal user Gypsy_Cinn for further details.

Also, If you're interested in creating anti-bush; "Bush not welcome" websites, all donations to this cause will be accepted. once again, forward all inquiries to Gypsy_Cinn for further details.

Here at blackplanetnews, this is our little part to help when asked.

"keep the lights turned out, and the music turned up"
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Current Music:Razed In Black - Hells Bells (ac/dc cover)
Subject:yet another random update.
Time:09:06 pm

We are now beginning our online shop for Blackplanetnews!
proceeds go towards expanding our site and our merchandise.
(both Blackplanet, as well as Czerka Industries.
so, if we ever manage to make any sales, we can upgrade our site!

Also, We'd like to announce we're having a special on the Czerka Industries T-shirts. In order to Promote not only the T-shirts, We will include an issue of Comatose Rose Magazine to the next 5 buyers. Anyone who orders more than 1 shirt will also have their livejournal upgraded to paid user status for 2 months, as well as get a free magazine! Can't get any cooler than that, now can it?

we're still accepting orders!
Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing time,
as we're not the only ones doing the work.
our supplier are also very busy as the christmas season is coming up quick!

what's next, you ask?
who knows!

this is blackplanetnews reminding you,
"keep the lights turned out, and the music turned up"
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Subject:Blackplanetnews infrequent update
Time:08:18 pm
Comatose Rose Promotional Tour

AJ Knight, Editor of Comatose Rose Magazine Will be going across Canada in Promotion of Comatose Rose Magazine With co-owner Andy Armstrong! If you happen to be in any of the areas listed below, feel free to check it out and get a FREE COPY of Issue #12, or a great discount on a subscription! If you can't make it, feel free to visit the Comatose Rose Magazine Official Website to find out how to get your hands on the latest issue for yourself!

Issue #12 of Comatose Rose Magazine

And, as mentioned above, here is a list of Places To Meet AJ Knight himself, and find out more about Comatose Rose!

To Subscribe, Click Here.

Friday, November 12

• Die Maschine: 108 Osbourne

Monday, November 15th


The Dance Cave: 529 Bloor Street West

Tuesday, November 16th


Zaphod Beeblebrox: 27 York Street

Wednesday, November 17th


Passport: 4156 St-Denis

Thursday, November 18th


Funhaus: 526 Queen Street West

Friday, November 19th


Savage Garden: 550 Queen Street West

Saturday, November 20th


The Reverb: 651 Queen Street West

"keep the music turned up, and the lights turned out"
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Current Music:Peace sells, but who's buying? - Megadeth
Subject:Merchandising Updates!
Time:02:31 pm
Current Mood:accomplished
We are now Accepting Orders for the Czerka Industries T-shirts.
Please allow the standard 4-6 weeks processing time.
Prices are fixed, taxes, as well as shipping and handling are included in the
prices as listed.
$30.00 Canadian, $25.00 American
U.S. and Canadian funds only, please.
click here to viewCollapse )
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Subject:Now, a word from one of our sponsors.
Time:05:34 pm
Czerka Industries would like to remind our clients that we offer quality 24 hour customer service care.
thank you.

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Subject:Blackplanet News Update #8 (revised)
Time:07:15 pm
allright, in our daily searchings we've just discovered that in the past day or two, the head office of Czerka Industries had just received a visit from the FBI. No Shit here folks.
apparently, the Czerka Industries site has raised red flags all over the country, alerting the attention of the FBI.
Now, at this point, for those of you who do not understand exactly what czerka is, IT IS A FARCE. Basically, a small group of robotics/electronics enthusiasts who decided to begin a competition to exchange ideas for hobby projects, and for humour reasons, and to begin a small group of open friendships online for the free exchange of ideas.

Awaiting Hearback from an interview.
In other news, We are awaiting a response back from Deathboy for an official Interview with Scott Lamb, the Creative force behind Deathboy. He has informed us, that in his leisurely time he will happily get back to us with a response. Here, at Black Planet News, home of the most unreliable news updates in the world, (I know... most people can barely take this site seriously, mainly because of it's humorous note, poor html design, and humorous outlook on events), This would be a massive breakthrough for us, as well as a great honor.

TUG Halloween Bash Coverage?
Well, it's uncertain as of yet if we will be doing any coverage of the Halloween bash on Oct 29th, followed by Oct 30th.
There's been no updates on the official forum, and We might be indisposed that weekend. however, we will do our best.
(hey, we might even get some photos for all of you image hungry bastards out there).

DJ Batman to appear at TUG
Also, in TUG news, DJ Batman (aka A.J. Knight, editor of Comatose Rose Magazine) Will be doing a vs. Dj set against DJ blackcat. "BATMAN VS. CATWOMAN"! (click here for a SNEEK PEEK of aj knights -possible- halloween costume!) More reason for you all to show up at TUG and give your support! and more reason to check out canada's fasted growing magazine, Comatose Rose.

Dead Stars Still Burn

now, this is unusual, and when we find something this unusual, we write about it!
We would like to send out our appreciation to Zachary Byron Helm who runs the website http://destined.to/deadstars. What had caught our eyes was this little beauty right here.

a very interesting peice of machinary! Zachary Byron Helm was more than happy to allow us to use some of his imagery to promote his site, and obviously, himself! Now, Zachary's collection of hearses are second to none. Highly customized, and Highly prolific. Of all the unique individuals in this world, This man, right here, has full rights to lift high his freak flag and wave it with pride. Especially in an age where individuality seems to be frowned upon.
However, in closing on this (as i've yet to decide wether or not to do a more extensive interview with this individual), we would like to briefly mention the sister site to czerka, SORP.

this is another, and we must strongly stress this, HUMOUROUS AND SATIRICLE, FAKE, GLOBAL DOMINATION GROUP. (yes folks, this is NOT FOR REAL). I can't help but feel urged to stress this after the recent events concerning our beleoved Zyklon C of Czerka Industries!
some people have no sense of humour anymore...
now, as far as SORP, their mission statement: "We are SORP. Bane of the stupid, destroyers of the insipid, enjoyers of cheese".
So, to Zachary Byron Helm, Czerka Operative # 73 of the colorado chapter, we tip our hat to you.
Never In My life have I ever encountered a hearse so cool as the Mad Max reminiscient Project Alexi.

That's all for this update kiddies,
"keep the lights turned out, and the music turned up"
-Black Planet
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Time:01:58 pm
Well, we've revised the opening banner on our official website, http://www.blackplanetnews.tk and received word that we will be donated the useage of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Software, as well as a flash animation comilition program! *yay!*.
So, in time we can allow using IMAP coordinates for easier click and point frame navigation through our site!
As well, We're announcing Alter_Idem as our official Photographer, as well as welcoming bitchermit, and Fallyn as being the moderators for one of the many communities we oversee, Saskatoon_goth.

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Current Music:siouxie and the banshees - face to face
Subject:Black Planet News Update #7
Time:12:07 pm
Recently, Lone_Angel has decided to finally get off his ass and do some actual reporting.

here is the question put towards members of the lj goth community.Collapse )

Now, When confronted by the comment of emo replacing goth rock, Topi had replied: "Emo has replaced Goth music? That's depressing. (no pun intended...). Jimmy Eat World cannot match up to Joy Division!"
Also, punkatheart had stated, "I dont really think i would consider emo to be what has replaced goth.. emo is more of a branch off of pop punk if anything". So, in this, perhaps it is to be assumed that quite simply...EMO IS NOT GOTH.

Also, we were delighted to find that suaiden had his own input on this matter.
According to him, "I really began going to clubs in New York about a year before Manson suddenly made pop radioplay (NIN had by then with a song or two) and so I actually got to watch the process by which "Mansonites" really began (or at least it was so percieved at the time) the public deconstruction of what was the Goth scene. At that time there was an open resistance, and then slowly it just absorbed.

But I couldn't help but think, years later, that if the scene changed, it really began to become more publically palatable 10 years ago (of course I realize that some could make an observation that this *really* occurred with Pretty Hate Machine, or Wish, or ...) anyway, Jimmy Eat World got me thinking.

One of my favorite songs these days is "Bleed American". And while I realize it's really more a skater-punk song, I really wonder whether it can be fully appreciated without an existent Goth scene as a point of reference. I could see that smoothly mixed in after RS' "Sideshow", et cetera.

Goth in a real sense is dead. (Pardon the pun.) But it was one day in a bar last year that I was watching the TV and suddenly saw a commercial playing "Go" in the background, followed by another commercial playing "Pictures of You". And the thought occurred to me: does it really matter that the scene as we knew it is gone? Who really thought up those ads anyway? Is it possible that the moron who REALLY thought he/she/it was going to work in television possibly succeeded through strong aesthetics, et cetera? And then the thought occurred to me: the landscape has changed. The "basic goth", the "weekend warrior", is almost ingrained into the public subconscious of the youth in America today, perhaps in other places. Of course, this isn't *pure* Goth. But even when the scene was much more pure, the majority of the people *weren't*. (Not saying they were fake, but that they just couldn't spend every waking hour practicing depressed poses, adding more beeswax to their hair, et cetera, sitting around waiting for an job opening at the REAL clothing store because they would rather be caught alive than working at Hot Topic, et cetera....)
Yes, the pageantry is gone. (This is my only regret.) And yes, the old scene went into retreat. (I believe everyone goes into retreat eventually.) But at least for me, that's ok overall. Maybe it's based in the fact that I came of age in a scene that was actively engaging in resistance.
Maybe, deep down, I don't really believe these kids are part of the scene. Maybe, however, my worldview has broadened over time, and I am satisfied with where the scene went.
Which of the two is it? I'll never tell.
And does it really matter? I have a candle, I'm up at one am and this filesharing thing is wonderful.... I can give the finger to every DJ I've ever known. ;-) So I don't know who's in the scene these days. Liquor's cheaper at the store anyway.
From my safe little corner... I secretly don't care, and no matter what, I think it's always nice to wish the kids the best. After all, they will be paying for our retirement."

Also, another submission on this topic made by Civil_death on this matter as follows: "Today’s society plays music that comes out of the radio and is fed into angst teenagers heads. If you present it visually or emotionally in a way they enjoy they will feed.
Also it is understandable if they don't like the old style of gothic music. Everyone has tastes so you can't expect every single person to enjoy the exact same band that itself is preposterous.
I do believe however it would be much better if people had more exposure to what it actually is.
Think about the trends in society now; think about all the stereotypes we have that exist.
We have rap, rock, metal, hip-hop etc. Teenagers will jump onto whatever kind of music relates to the mood they are in, the biggest hype that makes them look good in front of others. *shrugs* All I would wish is that people actually knew music for what it is...music. I wish people wouldn't treat it like it is the world because it isn't. In my opinion if there was no music, no religion, no politics, no government and people helped and treated on another equally. It would be the perfect world.
That will never happen and this simple discussion over why kids don't like the older gothic music will always be around. When I myself turn 40 years old there will still be a discussion like this, only they will be talking about why the music isn't what it was like in the 90's and forget about the much earlier music.
I also personally don’t dawn makeup everyday and I do not wear black every second I can. I have a good attitude about me but I deeply hate teenagers. (..heh) I find it horrible how people are highly ignorant to what is the basis and creator of certain things."

Now, if you have any additional input, feel free to join the lj goth community and add your comment here.

Site Updates
Also, we'd like to announce that we've begun trying to upgrade the www.blackplanetnews.tk site further. More Links, layout, etc...

Cool Finds!
You Know him, You Love him! it's CRYPTIE! the forklift goth!

Yes, cryptie, featured in Maxim Magazine, his own website, and now *prepare yourselves* the Deadjournal Forkliftgoth FANSITE!!!
definitely worth checking out as well.

That's all for this update.

"keep the lights turned out and the music turned up"
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